Friday night gladrags or a night on the sofa?
I do like a Friday night out – it puts a full stop to the working week, especially if it’s been a hectic one! I like to have something to eat and drink and then have a dance.

A super Saturday?
A perfect Saturday for me would start with my North Shields Kippers from Seaview Fisheries on my terrace overlooking the Tyne (weather permitting). I’d then walk up to Tynemouth with my dog, have a look around Tynemouth Market and meet my neighbour for coffee at Luis on Front Street.

We can whisk you away for two dream days. Where would you go?
Capri, in the bay of Naples. It’s a fairytale island – so beautiful. I used to run a recording studio, Capri Digital, there in the 90s. 

Memorable mini-break?
Amsterdam with my good friend Alice on the ferry between Christmas and New Year. It was memorable for all the wrong reasons – strong gales and lots of sea sickness! It took two days to lose my ‘sea legs’.

Sunday best?
My mam does the best Sunday lunch and makes her own rice pudding for afters. Spending Sunday afternoon with mam, dad and our dogs is just perfect.

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