Food Life

Childhood food memory >>

Spending some of my youth in Persia I remember eating a national dish called “Ghormeh Sabzi” which is a traditional herb stew cooked with kidney beans.

Favourite family dish >>

Unfortunately I have to be clichéd and go with a traditional Sunday roast with all the trimmings.

A meal that inspired you >>

Chez Domonique Helsinki Finland, two Michelin star, held for ten years, since closed. I was inspired by the way traditional Finnish food was interpreted in a contemporary style.

An inspiring drink >>

Iced tomato tea with lemon balm (on our a la carte menu).

Restaurant that you return to time and again >>

Bangkok House Oxford, consistently good food.

Inspirational chef >>

Hans Valimaki.

Last food you ate >>

Restaurant Sat Bains in Nottingham.

Favourite food and drink city >>

Seoul, South Korea.

Favourite ingredient >>

At the moment it’s black garlic.

A dish you’d pass on to your children >>

No specific dish, I’d just focus on teaching them how to cook.