Pair autumnal berries with luscious yoghurt sorbet for a dreamy end-of-summer dessert

Autumn serves up a mouthwatering selection of seasonal fruits and what better way to showcase these succulent flavours than with an indulgent dessert?

Juicy, sumptuous blackberries are perfect for transitioning between summer and autumn, with their sweetness typically becoming more pronounced by the month of September.

These soft berries work wonderfully with the crisp, tart flavour of the humble Granny Smith apple – also in its prime in the autumn months. Together, they beautifully complement the recipe’s smooth parfait and luscious yoghurt sorbet, creating something of a dreamy dessert experience.

As always, we’ll be serving up this season’s finest locally sourced ingredients in our Seasonal Showcases – look out for traditional classics, woodland and bonfire feast inspired tasting menus in the coming months.

Apple parfait, yoghurt sorbet & warm blackberries


Apple Puree

10 apples (Granny Smith)
800ml apple juice
200ml apple brandy
Juice of 1 lemon

Apple Parfait 

160g egg yolks
220g caster sugar
150ml water
300ml double cream
7 leaves of gelatine
900g apple puree

Yoghurt Sorbet

1 ltr full fat yoghurt
500g sugar
500g water
2 lemons (juiced)

Warm Blackberries

2 punnets of blackberries
50g icing sugar
Juice of 1 lemon


Apple Puree

Peel and dice apples, place in a pan with the apple juice, apple brandy & lemon juice. Place over a medium heat & stew until soft. Blitz and pass through a fine sieve. Reserve and keep warm.

Apple Parfait

In a Kitchenaid bowl whisk egg yolks until doubled in volume. In a saucepan bring sugar & water up to 121°C. Add syrup mixture to the egg yolks slowly & whisk until cool. Soak gelatin leaves in cold water & add to the hot apple puree, whisk until dissolved. Whip the double cream up to soft peaks. Fold the apple puree into the egg mix, followed by the double cream. Set into molds and freeze overnight.

Yoghurt Sorbet 

Bring sugar & water up to the boil. Take off the heat & whisk in yoghurt. Season with lemon juice and pass. Churn and freeze.

Warm Blackberries

Puree 1 punnet of blackberries with the icing sugar & lemon. Pass through fine sieve & warm in a small pan. Add a few blackberries to the sauce. Serve as pictured.

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