Hang out

A brand new fish and seafood joint on Newcastle Quayside – just next door to the city’s Law Courts. Enjoy informal lunches and afternoon tipples downstairs in the bistro-style restaurant/bar area, and fine dining upstairs in the evenings. 

Decked out
Coastal shabby chic downstairs and more contemporary decor upstairs. Lovely nautical wallpaper and vintage maps on the walls, plush booths and cosy private dining areas. Great floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the Tyne Bridge – nab a seat here if you can. 

A nice well-rounded drinks menu; local gins and high-quality wines and beers.

Food matters
Locally-sourced seafood created by renowned chef, Adam Hegarty, and his team. There are a few meat options – things like duck confit and free-range chicken – and one or two dishes for veggies, but this is really a place for fishy folk. Fab North Sea prawns and haddock, fresh shellfish, Shetland mussels and Jolly Fisherman’s ‘famous’ crab sarnies.

We ate
We popped in for a late lunch and dove straight into mains; North Shields landed Haddock and chips (£11.95) for our dining buddy and roast cod loin with seaweed sauce for us. The haddock was as big as can be, encased in a crispy, bubbly batter. The flaky meat was just-out-of-the-sea fresh – really light and tender – and the chunky chips were made all the more mouth-watering when dunked into the homemade tartar sauce. A dish done really well. Our cod was just as pleasing, arriving on a bed of crushed, herby potatoes with smoky red and yellow peppers. We feared a green, somewhat sludgy seaweed sauce, but we were pleasantly surprised – this was more like a light vinaigrette dressing. A really tasty drizzle that we mopped up happily. Try the caramelised roasted pineapple (£6.95) for dessert for a summery, tropical shot of sweetness. We loved the creamy coconut panne cotte and mango-like sorbet on the side.