Mark Greenaway is an award-winning chef at his eponymous restaurant in Edinburgh. His debut cookbook is out this month, and he’s a special guest at Saltburn Food Festival this Sunday

Friday night gladrags or a night on the sofa?
I honestly can’t remember the last time I wasn’t cooking on a Friday night so my perfect Friday evening is a busy restaurant.

A super Saturday?
A super Saturday is a busy one.  It is lovely to see the restaurant full of happy customers – it lets you know what you are doing is right. 

We can whisk you away for two dream days. Where would you go?
Singapore – you can eat as expensively or as cheap as you like and the quality at both ends of the spectrum is unrivalled. 

Memorable mini-break?
Three days in London last year – myself and my fiancée Nicola managed to eat our way through a total of 8 Michelin stars – it really was indulgent and not something I have ever done before. 

Sunday best?
I like to take the dog for a walk with my fiancée and prepare a simple one tray wonder roasted chicken or lamb. Then I simply relax in preparation for the week ahead.


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