Airplane! (1980)
Spoof comedy. Leslie Nielsen in the cast list. Need we say more? Ex- Navy Pilot Ted Striker has been afraid of flying ever since an incident during his service in the war. However, determined to win his ex-girlfriend back, he takes to the skies – before everything goes wrong. It’s up to Ted to fly the plane and save the day – and it’s hilarious. 

catch me if you canCatch me if you can (2002) 
Based on a true story, the ever-gorgeous Leonardo DiCaprio plays the part of charming con man Frank Abagnale Jr. – a con-man responsible for stealing millions of dollars as a pilot, doctor and Louisiana parish prosecutor. 
It’s a cat-and-mouse chase with FBI agent Carl Hanratty – played by Tom Hanks – on his tail. An all star cast give chase to one of America’s most notorious con-men.

Disney Pixar UpUp! (2009)
This heartwarming Disney Pixar film takes you on an action-packed adventure and emotional journey through loss and friendship. 
Grumpy pensioner Carl Fredricksen lives out his and his late wife’s dream to travel and find adventure. On his unconventional mode of transport – a floating house powered by helium balloons – boy scout Russell leads him to all sorts of trouble and fun. A massive hit with children and those young at heart. Dig out the tissues.

up in the airUp in the air (2009)
Who can pass up the chance to gaze at George Clooney? Ryan Bingham enjoys travelling around the country firing people. Everything is going great until his goal of reaching 10 million air miles is put at risk when Natalie Keener is hired at his company. The two go to war, but as they do, love blossoms. 

non-stopNon-stop (2014)
Neeson plays Bill Marks, an alcoholic and former cop that is still grieving the loss of his daughter. On a flight from New York to London, Marks receives a series of text messages, threatening to kill one passenger every twenty minutes unless the airline transfers 150 million dollars to an offshore account. In a race against time, he tries to uncover who the mystery text-er is. A jaw-dropping thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. 

Flightplan (2005)
Jodie Foster plays Kyle Pratt, a recently bereaved widow, in this thriller. Travelling from Berlin to New York with her husband’s coffin, Kyle’s worst nightmare comes to life when her daughter goes missing on the airplane. On a mission to find her daughter, with no help from the crew or her fellow passengers, it’s a shout-at-the-screen journey. A psychological thriller that makes you question whether the daughter she is looking for even exists.

Snakes_on_a_PlaneSnakes on a plane (2006)
This film is exactly what is says on the tin. Sean Jones is being protected by FBI agent Neville Flynn after witnessing a brutal murder in Hawaii by gangster Eddie Kim. On the way to Los Angeles to testify against Kim, Jones and Flynn discover that a crate of poisonous snakes have been dispatched on the flight in an attempt to crash the plane.