Laura Cooper is restaurant manager at Blackfriars Restaurant, Newcastle

Friday night gladrags or curry night?
I usually try to take a Friday night off. It’s the one night a week I always promise myself that my fiancé Rhys and I will go somewhere nice for dinner and cocktails! Plus, I love a good excuse to get dressed up every now and then and meet a few friends.

A super Saturday?
Rhys is captain of our local cricket team – Hebburn Cricket Club – so I love to go along and cheer them on when the weather’s lovely! I like to poke fun and say that it isn’t really a sport, but I love the social aspect of it and everyone’s really nice!

Saturday night… at the stove, or round the table?
The restaurant is always fully booked on a Saturday so I always try to work. If I’m honest though, it’s my favourite night to be at work. I get a real buzz from working busy shifts with the guys I work with. If I wasn’t working, I would probably have all the girls round for dinner.

TV, radio show, music or newspaper that means the weekend?
I don’t watch much TV as it involves sitting still, but I do love the Archers omnibus on Radio 4 – it reminds me of being at home with my parents. I love to have a catch up with my dad about what’s going on in Ambridge!

We can whisk you away for two dream days. Where would you go?
It’s got to be somewhere I can take the dog! I’d love to go to somewhere coastal in Cornwall for a few days. It’s just that little bit warmer and I’ve seen some amazing holiday cottages with views over the beach and a jacuzzi in the back garden. Who could say no to that?

Memorable mini-break?
We went to Iceland a couple of months ago – it was amazing. We went snowmobiling on a glacier, whale watching, swam in the blue lagoon and ate in some amazing restaurants.

Sunday best?
A massive walk on the beach with my rescue lurcher, Coco, and a bike ride through Northumberland. Nothing prepares you for an enormous Sunday lunch like 60 gruelling miles of hills! Sunday nights are made for films with the family.

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