I’m sure the sun has magical powers over us mere mortals. I for one certainly start the day with a spring in my step, feeling like I’m ready to take on the world when I wake up to blue skies and  the sun breaking through my bedroom window. Bliss – sounds like a Disney movie!

As well as the feel-good factor, the sun actually does have so many hidden qualities that really do benefit us. It builds strong bones, strengthens your teeth and most importantly promotes healthy hair! All thanks to Vitamin D, known for reducing stress and keeping you feeling good. This in turn helps keep your hair and nails strong.

That’s the reason why many people return back from summer vacations or simply a  few lovely weeks pottering in the sunshine and feel a noticeable change in hair density or quality and joke about it having something to do with sun. Well, it’s actually no joke as you find vitamin D in the follicles of healthy hair which is increased when exposed to the right amount of sunshine.

As professionals, we always warn against the risk of damage to both skin and hair while in the sun, so this is more about the way the sun makes you feel rather than baking your hair in the direct sunshine. Sun protection products for the hair are always advisable to protect against harmful rays which can cause a lack of moisture and your colour to fade.

With summer around the corner, it’s a bit of a heads up to get you armed and ready to look and feel fabulous. So let’s hope this summer is a good one and we all get the right amount of vitamin D – and cocktails of course!

Michael x

Michael Young and Gary Hooker run Hooker & Young, with five salons regionwide | hookerandyoung.co.uk