Nici Hewitson is founder of The Well Connected - a brand new company offering luxury yoga and wellness retreats, breaks and events in the UK

Friday night gladrags or curry night?
There is nothing nicer than ending the working week with a bath, a bottle of wine and some lovely food. We’d probably make our own pizzas, though, instead of curry!

A super Saturday?
A lie-in, some yoga and a hot shower, a walk or swim with our children Scottie and Emilie, shopping in the afternoon with my parents and sister, then bath time for the kids and a meal out with my husband.

Saturday night… at the stove, or round the table?

A bit of both. I love cooking when I have the time to enjoy it. We sit around our big kitchen table to eat – it’s always sociable.

TV, radio show, music or newspaper that means the weekend?
Sunday mornings are often marked with my husband playing his favourite music – the Stone Roses, the Smiths and Billy Bragg.

We can whisk you away for two dream days. Where would you go?
My auntie’s house in Italy. It’s heaven on Earth.

Memorable mini-break?
Our retreats are always memorable. Even though I’m working while we’re there, I always make sure I participate in the yoga, pilates, hiking and meditation. I also give myself the same pamper treats as our guests so it still feels relaxing and indulgent!

Sunday best?
Sunday is usually the only day of the week where we have nothing to do and nowhere to be, so we like to spend it pottering about at home. Maybe a walk with our dog in the afternoon and eating something comforting for tea, like a roast dinner.

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