Off Duty

With autumn well under way, those dark nights and bitter winds call for one thing – comfort food. Whether you choose to indulge yourself with steaming bowls of fresh soup, piping hot stews or a huge serving of mince and dumplings, we all know few things make you feel better than a good pie. This, however, is a pie with a difference… its contents are raw!

Raw steak pie

Serves 4


400g fresh hand diced sirloin mince

50g pickled beech mushroom

2 egg yolks

1 diced shallot, marinated in beer and mustard

1 sheet brick pastry

Fresh herbs for garnish


Extra virgin olive oil


Roll pastry and cut to desired size or shape, glaze with olive oil and bake for 8 minutes at 180C. Mix the mince with mushrooms, shallots, olive oil and salt. Boil the eggs and take out yolk when cooled. Crumble the yolk into the mince, shallots, olive oil and salt. Serve in a small pie dish and place cooked pastry on top. Garnish and serve with wild watercress salad.

Dave is head chef and business partner at Peace & Loaf, 217 Jesmond Road, Newcastle, NE2 1LA. Tel: 0191 2815222