Vladimir and Anton Jablokov will be special guest performers at Katherine Jenkins' appearance at Herrington Country Park, Sunderland, on May 6. Originally from Slovakia, the brothers hail from four generations of professional musicians and have been performing with each other for over 20 years

Friday night gladrags or curry night?
V (right): Home sweet home.
A: It would be a night out for me!

A super Saturday?
V: I’d get up early, go to my daughter’s piano/singing lesson and then enjoy a BBQ with friends.
A: I prefer to keep things spontaneous. I’d start with a football match and take it from there!

Saturday night… at the stove, or round the table?
V: Around the table, playing cards and drinking wine with friends and family.
A: I’m usually a part of this. We begin playing late in the evening and don’t go to bed until the next morning.

TV, radio show, music or newspaper that means the weekend?
V: None of the above – spending time with my wife and kids does it for me. Or hiking or cycling!
A: I like to be outdoors, too. Football, skiing or swimming.

We can whisk you away for two dream days. Where would you go?
V: Salmon fishing in Siberia. I’ll get there someday!
A: Two days at the pyramids in Egypt.

Memorable mini-break?
V: Going home to Slovakia with my wife, who’s Irish. We cycled around the Danube forests, looking for all the secret places I used to go.
A: A small Serbian village with my three best girl friends. I can have a great time anywhere if I’m surrounded by nice people.

Sunday best?
V: I’ll make pancakes most Sundays, then do a few hours practice, before it’s family time again. A trip to the Wicklow mountains would be on the list.
A: Curled up in bed with my girlfriend and a great movie.

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