What the weekend means to Kat Nicholson. Her family own Whitley Bay's longest-running and last remaining independent family butchery, Nicholson's Butchers

Friday night gladrags or curry night?

Fridays are usually very quiet. I’ll walk the dog on the beach, stop for a quick drink at our local and then home for an easy dinner and an early night in preparation for a busy Saturday at the shop!

A super Saturday?

If I’m off work, it would be a long walk on the beach and a coffee in Tynemouth, a spot of shopping and then drinks and a tasty supper somewhere local.

Saturday night… at the stove, or round the table?

With friends around the table. I’ll cook – usually something from our shop. Pulled brisket is a favourite at the moment! If we’re out, The Beehive Inn is a brilliant spot. Lots of tasty local food, friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere.

TV, radio show, music or newspaper that means the weekend?

TV-wise, it has to be Saturday kitchen. Always a great start to the weekend!

We can whisk you away for two dream days. Where would you go?

Anywhere where I can ski. France is a favourite – you’ll find good food and excellent wine there, too.

Memorable mini-break?

Probably a weekend in London catching up with old friends.

Sunday best?

Time at home with no plans! Relaxing, walking the dog, cooking a roast dinner and eating it at a table filled with family and friends.

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