Adam Park



I would probably have to say my mum. We are very close – we always have been. We’re both very similar, and my Dad and sister are similar, so we have always been a little team I suppose. Some of the colleagues that I dance with are also really amazing. Watching my colleagues in their element is something I find really exciting.


For a weekend > Newcastle, because I don’t get to go back that much. Other than that, I would say I love going to Scotland. I love Edinburgh. I also love Canterbury as that’s where my sister used to live.

A long holiday > I went to Italy over the summer to Lake Garda with my girlfriend for a week. It was far too short; I could have stayed there so much longer if I had the option.

A treat > I would really love to go to Iceland. If someone could take me there I would really appreciate it!


Best food > I love any kind of curry. I love all food, but any type of curry has to be my favourite.

Best wine > I don’t really drink wine. My favourite alcohol tipple would have to an Icelandic pale ale called Einstock. Very specific, I know, but I love it.

Favourite restaurant > This is hard because there are so many good restaurants – especially in London – but it would have to be Francesca’s in Newcastle. I have been going there since I was a little boy. I love that place.

Perfect weekend > Sundays consist of not leaving the house and watching films. I don’t know about Saturday – some weekends I probably won’t even leave the flat. But the perfect Saturday would be being in London with my girlfriend, doing a bit of shopping and going to the cinema. Maybe a nice dinner date in the evening, too.

Downtime means > I probably can’t say Netflix and chill can I? Downtime definitely means not leaving the flat or getting out of my pyjamas.

Best telly > There was an amazing TV show on ITV called Unforgotten, which has just finished. I loved that.

Best book > I would probably have to say World War Z. It was made into a film as well, but I really enjoy the book.

Best sounds > I listen to a lot of heavy metal. My favourite band has to be a group called Architect.


Best shopping city > I would probably have to say London, as there is just everything here.

Favourite shop > I don’t really know what my favourite shop is, but I have shopped in Superdry a lot recently.

Luxe retail treat > I did just spend a lot of money on a PlayStation, which is pretty embarrassing.

Best buy > I bought a really nice trench coat around four years ago, which was probably my most expensive purchase. My sister borrowed it and proceeded to ruin it on a night out.


A memorable night out > It would have to be Newcastle, without a doubt. I’ve enjoyed a lot of nights out in a lot of different places, but Newcastle is the best by far. A memorable night out would include seven of my best mates. If I haven’t seen them for a few months, it usually means a fantastic night out.

Perfect party > Anywhere that my cool group of friends are. As long as someone brings a bottle of Jägermeister that would be fine.

Best outfit > I have a really nice suit which I bought a few years ago, but I haven’t had a reason to wear it for maybe a year and a half. I can’t remember where I bought it, but it’s really beautiful three piece.

Dinner date > It would have to be getting a taxi somewhere in London – which can be outrageously expensive – then having a ridiculously good pizza before going somewhere posh for drinks afterwards.


I would have to say dance is my luxe thing in life, but that sounds so lame. Other than dance, it would have to be my flat in London. I really love where I live in London. I still call Jesmond home, but I only go home two or three times a year, as we’re always touring.

Rambert appears at the Newcastle Royal Theatre this February, from Tuesday 2 to Thursday 4. Tickets can be purchased at or from the Theatre Royal Box Office.