Stephane Leyreloup

He began his career as a sommelier at the celebrated Maxim’s in Paris where he won a number of awards. He worked in Toronto for 17 years before landing in Yorkshire where he spent 10 years working at the Devonshire Arms.

Luxe people >>

My luxe people are probably people you have never heard of but for me they define that drive to succeed. The first is Michel Palmié who was captain of the best rugby team in France when I was young and the second is Yannick Noah, the last French man to win the French Open in 1983. My parents definitely deserve a mention: they run a wonderful 12-bedroom hotel in France and taught me everything worth knowing about hospitality. And I’d better not forget my wonderful girlfriend, Paula and our son Etienne. I’m a lucky man!

Luxe places >>

For a weekend > Bezier in the South of France for the fantastic seafood and laid-back vibe.

A long holiday > Fiji for the most incredible beaches I have ever seen.

Luxe relax >>

Best food > Alaskan king crab legs. In my house we eat these on Christmas Day instead of turkey. They are huge and absolutely delicious, a real treat.

Best wine > Barolo ‘Gemma’ 2010. Paula and I drank this on our first date.

Favourite restaurant > After the Tontine of course, I would have to say the Lords of the Manor in the Cotswolds.

Perfect weekend > That rare thing for anyone in hospitality, a weekend spent at home with the family.

Downtime means > Time spent with my girlfriend and our three-year-old son Etienne. Maybe a round of golf if I was allowed!

Best telly > I really enjoyed ‘The Royals’. Even though it’s fictional I find the idea of royalty fascinating, it must be because I am French.

Best theatre > Stomp because it’s loud and funky like me.

Best book > Dr Seuss. I am reading it with my son at the moment and it gets us both laughing.

Best sounds > I really like listening to Bruno Mars but if I had to choose a favourite sound it would be the sound of a champagne cork popping.

Luxe shop >>

Best shopping city > Leeds. It’s small enough to do in a day but big enough to have some really great shops.

Favourite shop > It’s predictable but I would have to say Harvey Nichols.

Luxe retail treat > Vietnamese prawns, you get just three to a kilo but they’re worth every penny.

Best buy > My son had his heart set on a particular cabin bed he had seen in a magazine. After trawling Ebay we managed to find it for a quarter of the price. That made all of us happy!

Luxe party >>

A memorable night out > My first date with Paula when we met for a coffee and stayed out chatting until 3am.

Perfect party > I know it’s boring but when you work as many nights as I do, my perfect party
is definitely a house party. Close friends and family, a sharing dinner we can all eat with our fingers, some great wine and lots of chat around the kitchen table. Sounds like heaven.

Favourite item of clothing > I have a jacket from French designer Etienne Ozeki which I have had for years but I still love it.

Dinner date > I would take Paula out for a fantastic dinner and then go dancing but if she wasn’t available I guess I would make do with Halle Berry.

Your luxe thing in life >>

You’ve heard it before but I agree that ‘life’s too short to drink bad wine’ so if I was allowed one luxury it would be a good bottle of red.