Rob Armstrong


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Childhood car crush
Ford Capri! The shape of the car always made me smile. I just loved the driving position, I have owned over 20 of them over the years starting with my first ever car on finance – a 2.8 injection. I also owned a 280 Brooklands, the last one ever made. I loved that car!

Whats in the Garage now
A Range Rover Autobiography which is great for the family and I live in quite a rural area so it is ideal for the winter months. I do love a gadget and this car has them all. A Bentley GT V8S, which is now my third Bentley. The car is great fun to drive with its sports chassis and exhaust system and I believe the GT Model is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. I also own a pick-up truck which is used for vehicle recoveries.

If you could own any car
To be re-united with my RS500 Cosworth, they only ever made 500 of the cars and I would keep it in my garage for Sunday drives.

 Captain Slow or Jeremy
I am definitely Captain Slow with the kids in the car, though they do encourage me to be a bit Jeremy. But I do enjoy driving fast when the conditions are right; it’s good to scare yourself occasionally.

Who should present Top Gear
I would love to see a real car enthusiast that isn’t a celebrity and who really knows their stuff.

Tracks of your tyres
I listen to 80s and 90s disco and dance music; it keeps me young at heart.

Dream road trip
Nothing too fancy, a good old fashioned country side road. I have been all around the world and I am still amazed at the beauty of the Lake District and Northumberland. These roads are a pleasure to drive on, as long as there are no cyclists!

What’s on your wish list
My wish list is done. Last year I bought an Aston Martin DBS. This car was magnificent, though not the most practical. I sold it with a tear in my eye.

What’s in the glove box
Business cards, kids DVDs, sweets and always a hair brush.

Memorable car moments
Most of my most memorable moments are from years ago when I used to struggle, where I was scrimping and saving money to buy my first cars. I have so many happy memories of driving around Newcastle and meeting friends with the same sorts of interests. I have to say, on reflection, looking for cars when I had very little money was more fun than going into a car showroom and picking one now – strange but true!

How clean is your car
My cars are always immaculate; I valet all of my cars. I hate a dirty car.

Scary moments
This part should be three pages long the number of times I have scared myself, Capris do not handle well. I have had a few bumps though nothing too serious.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]