Peter Llewellyn

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I always enjoy being around people who inspire me and I have the pleasure of working at Crathorne Hall with a team that does that everyday. They remind me that to create a great hotel is not just about bricks and mortar but about the team you work alongside.

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For a weekend > Working for Hand Picked Hotels you get to enjoy 20 other wonderful hotels across the UK. I have recently stayed in three: Wood Hall, Wetherby; Rookery Hall, Cheshire and Norton House in Edinburgh. All have spas which are great for the family and all have indulging food and wine to enjoy. Busman’s break but worth it!

A long holiday > Montego Bay, Jamaica for great hospitality but also great weather. I have been to Rose Hall Hotel twice. One very strange event that happens at the hotel is the crab racing that involves lots of crabs starting in the middle of a large circle. All the crabs have different colours on the shells and you bet on which crab is going to get to the edge first. The guy that looks after the crabs does commentary in the form of a horse race. I am also a keen diver so I get the chance to enjoy some amazing dives along the coast.

A treat > Given the opportunity it would have to be Machu Picchu, high in the Andes Mountains in Peru. This is such a magical place, as to this day there is no understanding as to why it is there and where the people of this settlement went.

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Best food > Scottish hand dived scallops wrapped in pancetta. I once worked at Stonefield Castle in Scotland on the edge of Loch Fyne. The restaurant has a panoramic view of the loch so to sit and watch the day unfold while enjoying ‘Sea to Plate’ food is very memorable.

Best wine > One of my best experiences was a trip to the Champagne region of France courtesy of Perrier Jouet. It was a fascinating journey. My favourite red is a Malbec from Argentina.

Favourite restaurant > Dining at Crathorne Hall, which has held the 2 rosette award from the AA for many years, is always a pleasure when I get the chance. I also enjoy barbecue restaurants – there’s a great one called Rebels in Beverley that has some great pulled pork!

Perfect weekend > Spending time with my family to get some balance back in my life. I would normally start the weekend with the 5k park run before the family stir. Then, Angie my wife and girls Caitlin and Keeley and I normally take Misty the dog out for a very long walk on the moors close to our home. At some point there’s some retail therapy and we might eat out at local pub, before relaxing with a film, popcorn and well-deserved glass of wine.

Best telly > Got to be The Apprentice. Where the producers get these so-called business people who clearly love themselves, with these crazy one liners and no common sense is beyond me.

Best book > I am one of these guys who never picks up a book unless I am away on holiday. Last book was ‘A Very Private Murder’ by Stuart Pawson. Stuart is a regular guest at Crathorne Hall and he has a series of books that follow DI Priest. As he tries to solve the case he travels around Yorkshire which is great as you are familiar with some of the places.

Best sounds > Hootie and the Blowfish. A band from Atlantic City back in the 90’s who were a bunch of lawyers who decided to get out of the rat race and create great music. I found the sounds while I was working in Bermuda so it brings back great memories of some great times and chilled days on the beach.

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Best shopping city > York, for not only the huge amount of shops but also for the old style streets, amazing minster and the naughty cakes of Bettys!

Favourite shop > Superdry for its latest fashion and Gap for jeans as I enjoy that style of clothes. I am also keen on the outdoor life so always happy to pop into a mountain and ski shop too.

Luxe retail retreat > Newcastle has changed a great deal over the past five years so it’s a treat to head there feed that retail need and grab some lunch.

Best buy > Recently I purchased a tweed jacket that I really enjoy wearing with jeans, brown brogues and a nice blue casual shirt. If I could I would wear this style of clothes everyday.


A memorable night out > I attended a Bobby Robson charity event recently and got the pleasure of meeting a legend in the form of Mick Mills, who was the Ipswich Football Club captain back in the 1970s. As a young lad I remember watching him play and it was a great honour to meet him.

Perfect Party > A few years ago my dad celebrated his 75th birthday and as a family we wanted to do something really special. As we all live in different parts of the UK it took a lot of planning but we managed to surprise him in a restaurant and – a great family reunion that was also very emotional.

Best outfit > Wearing suits all the time at work I always enjoy a quality shirt with double cuff as I like to wear cufflinks. But as soon as I can I am back in my Gap jeans and t-shirt with my timberland boots. Working long hours I always enjoy getting home and getting into what I call ‘slops’ which consists of my Superdry tracky bottoms and hoodie.

Dinner date > Angie my wife as we don’t get the chance to enjoy time together with my lifestyle – given the opportunity in another life and time, Marilyn Monroe – what stories she could tell!


Love my watches and I like to change them daily.