Go Figure

The words ‘serious detox’ don’t exactly conjure up the notion of fun do they?

The commencement of abstinence, the austerity of pleasure and impending fortnight of broth and raw veg.

Pain for your pleasure springs to mind. However, the people at Temple Spa who have devised the Serious De-tox Package for Wynyard Hall spa-goers, clearly want to be friends, not enemies, in the dark days of January and February.

And that means getting your body de-tox prepped with three hours of insatiable pampering in the name of purity.

The treatment is as good for mind as it is body with a ‘time-out’ session that although not quite ‘money can’t buy’ is pretty to close in terms of escapism – after all, other than at bedtime, do you ever get three hours to just lie in one place and give in?

Wynyard Hall’s sweet little spa only adds to the calm in its hideaway retreat location, with, on the day we visited, something of torrent of running by rather than the gentle waters that usually ripple alongside.

You start the de-tox experience in the sun-flooded conservatory going through body and skin concerns pre-treatment before heading off to the room that is to be your home for a good chunk of the day.

Serious de-tox begins with body brushing and exfoliation to get the sluggish post-party skin into action. The treatment uses Temple Spa products and these are laced with Mediterranean essential oil blends that revive, energise and stimulate the skin.

After body brushing, Sugar Buff body scrub removes the dead skin cells and leaves skin feeling really clean – you shower it off then head back to the treatment bed.

Then it’s time for a section of the treatment that aims to be results-driven. Using a wooden deep-tissue massager – called ‘No Pain, No Gain’, the therapist gets to work on the bits of your body that might be most affected by life’s toxins – the cellulite zones of hips, tummy and thighs. It’s not painful but it is vigorous and active. It is now that a product called Go Figure is applied – this is a gel containing ginseng, guarana, green tea and pink grapefruit – active ingredients which should work wonders on bumpy cellulite so you’re that bit more toned and smoothed afterwards.

The gel is applied to thighs, tum and bum then you’re wrapped in foil whilst it works some magic. During this time you have a facial, exfoliation and face massage.

It is a long time to be lying still and so very easy to zone out into a nice relaxing headspace. The final part of the treatment is a body massage which addresses any concerns you have – such as those taught, tight neck and shoulders. It’s a great massage that means business – thorough, firm and intense.

Massage oil used was the Temple Spa Work it Out product with 21 essential oils to re-boot the system, encourage lymphatic drainage and stimulate circulation.

And at the end of the treatment some Aaahhh! cooling leg and foot balm is applied which definitely does what it says on the bottle.

At the end of all this when you’ve wafted in and out of sleep, you realise that three hours just isn’t long enough! It’s so easy and once you come round, you feel like a silky smooth new thing, ready for anything.

What makes it a great start to a new year de-tox regime is that you’re given a two-week de-tox programme which is a realistic diet that is definitely not a scary ‘fast’. The plan was commissioned by a leading nutritionist for Temple Spa and includes realistic meals and snacks with plenty of fruit and vegetables to continue the ‘do you good’ approach to a healthy new year – it is an eating plan that you can return time and again.

Temple Spa Serious De-tox three-hour treatment, £175. To book contact The Spa at Wynyard Hall | 01740 644 811 | wynyardhall.co.uk