Stuck in a Traffic Glam

Around 120 beautifully-maintained cars thrilled onlookers as enthusiasts gathered for the third Porsche Whitby Rally

As convoys go, a line a gleaming Porsches sweeping majestically across the beautiful but desolate North Yorkshire Moors takes some beating.

A head-turning sight for passing motorists, without doubt, but this was only a taster of what awaited anyone fortunate enough to find themselves at Whitby’s luxurious Raithwaite Estate Hotel and Spa recently.

Clients of Porsche Centre Newcastle made their way from the company’s Silverlink Park dealership to the country retreat to rendezvous with other devotees of the luxury car from dealerships in Leeds and Sheffield.

In all, some 120 vehicles converged at Raithwaite, causing quite a stir amongst hotel guests and those living nearby.

Scott Stevenson, Centre Principal at Porsche Centre Newcastle, said: “It was a fantastic day out for Porsche enthusiasts and their families.

“Our group drove in convoy from the dealership across the North Yorkshire Moors to Whitby, stopping off at the Cross Butts Hotel en route before arriving at Raithwaite to link up with Porsche drivers and their families from Leeds and Sheffield.

“The sight of so many gleaming Porsches was quite something – and believe me, there wasn’t a speck of dirt in sight.”

Owners of classic vehicles from the 1960s mingled and exchanged stories with those driving newer models.

However, the real star of the show was the vehicle that greeted enthusiasts on their arrival, a rare 918 Spyder – so named because there were only 918 ever made – worth a cool £1.1 million.

Scott said: “Not surprisingly, the 918 got a lot of attention. It’s not a car you see every day as there have only been around 35 sold in the entire UK.”

The event, known as the Porsche Whitby Rally, is now in its third year. It began to mark the 50th anniversary of the 911, the car manufacturer’s flagship model.

Scott added: “The event is now firmly established on our calendar – I’m already looking forward to the next one!”

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