Pool Party People – Hear This!

It was that sunniest of Sundays a few weeks back, the morning after a tumultuous night of storms.

A friend holidaying in Palm Springs popped her pics on Facebook, the bluest of skies, the greenest of grass and pool party lounging.

Same here we quipped as we lay beneath glorious skies, melting in supreme (if rare) temperatures and munching on frozen grapes in our own version of A-lister Hollywood – just a couple of minutes’ drive from the A1!

Yes, we got lucky with the blue skies but who needs long- haul to LA when a pool party paradise is on the doorstep? Thank you very much Rockliffe Hall for bringing such a glamorous treat to our doorstep.

The five-star hotel’s Spa Garden has just opened at Rockliffe Hall in Hurworth and it’s a beauty of a place.

It’s a self-contained mini-spa with an infinity pool overlooking the well-groomed and luscious golf course. There’s a sauna and decking with loungers plus music and mags. One very cool retreat. You can call in supplies of champagne too – and those iced grapes!

It’s a timely opening to offer us some spa solace as the nights grow dark and something very new and nicely wow-factor for the region.


The Spa Garden may be fabulous on sunny days but will come into its own in the winter when you can cosy up inside on heated beds then skip into the fizzing warm waters beneath crisp skies.

The Spa Garden was launched with a glittering VIP party giving a taste of how it can be used as an entertainment space all of its own. It can accommodate 20-30 people and be hired in its entirety for £400 in two-hour blocks. You must be staying at the hotel or using the Spa to hire. Spa and hotel guests will be able to check in for £30 for two hours.

The new Spa Garden has an infinity edge hydrotherapy pool with massage features and a warm Jacuzzi, under-floor heated decking, lounging areas, a traditional glass-fronted sauna cabin, a fire pit, a water feature, landscaped gardens with views across Rockliffe Hall’s grounds and heated relaxation loungers.

New treatments have also been developed especially for Rockliffe Hall’s Spa Garden by NEOM, which include ‘energise’, ‘happiness, ‘de-stress’ and ‘sleep’-themed treatments using meditation, shiatsu, Thai massage and trigger-point and reflexology techniques.

 Rockliffe Hall’s spa has become one of the most successful in the UK and is the only spa in the North to receive the Good Spa Guide award for Sheer Luxury two years running, competing against high-profile spas including Dormy House, Chewton Glen and Pennyhill Park.

Until December enjoy a taster of the Spa Garden with The Weekend Wind Down package. A leisurely evening of spa use from 5pm with a welcome drink  and delicious food. The  package includes Spa Garden use and a two-course evening meal in the Brasserie. The Spa at Rockliffe Hall is the ideal place to spend your weekends. £85 per person.

Available Friday to Sunday until Sunday 20th December 2015 | rockliffehall.com