Take 2 – July 2015

Summer’s all about afternoon tea and Pimm’s in the garden. These recipes are inspired by North East tea heroes Ringtons which was established over 100 years ago in Heaton.

Kelly Richardson, executive chef at Fenwick Newcastle, has created these luscious recipes using Ringtons tea, to add a modern twist to the traditional pastime of afternoon tea.

For summer Ringtons has launched a limited tea blend. Ringtons Strawberries and Cream Infusions Tea which is used in this Strawberry Pimm’s recipe below.

Ringtons Earl Grey Smoked Salmon with Lemon & Horseradish

Fresh and fragrant, this garden party essential is perfect served as a summer canapé.

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Serves: 4

For the salmon

200g salmon steak or fillet

8 Ringtons Earl Grey tea bags

2 tsp rapeseed oil

Handful of hickory smoked chips

Sea salt


2 tsp rapeseed oil

1 lemon, for zest and juice

10g horseradish

50g clotted cream


Canapé blinis


Preheat oven to 170C / Gas Mark 3.

Firstly make the dressing by whisking together the oil, lemon juice and horseradish, in a small bowl. Mix in the clotted cream to combine. Season with salt and pepper. Reserve the lemon zest for garnish.

For the salmon, place the opened tea bags and hickory wood chips on a tray. Place in the oven and turn the heat down to low. Cook for 5 minutes or when the wood chips and tea start to singe.

Place the salmon on top of the wood chips and tea. Drizzle the oil and add the salt and cover with foil. Place in the oven for 20 minutes until just pink.

Remove from oven and allow to cool before gently removing the salmon from the tray. Flake the cold salmon.

To serve, place the cold salmon on top of the canapé blinis. Spoon on the horseradish lemon cream and sprinkle with the reserved lemon zest.

Ringtons Strawberry Iced Tea Pimm’s

Combine this much loved summer tipple with iced strawberry tea to make a deliciously refreshing drink.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Serves: 4-6

6 Ringtons limited edition strawberry and cream tea bags

A handful of fresh mint sprigs

Juice of 2 large lemons, plus slices to serve

100g caster sugar

400ml Pimm’s special edition strawberry with a hint of mint

Slices of strawberry and orange to serve

Plenty of ice


Place the tea bags and half of the mint into a large jug. Pour in 1.2 litres of  boiling water and stir. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes before removing the tea bags and stirring in the sugar. Leave to cool.

Once this has cooled, remove the mint, add the lemon juice and the Pimm’s and put into the fridge to chill thoroughly.

Serve in tall glasses over plenty of ice, with slices of orange, lemon and strawberry, and the rest of the mint sprigs. Sit back, relax and enjoy!