Malcom Wardman

Malcolm Wardman is managing director of Creative Cutting Services Ltd, a national supplier of steel products for engineering and construction industries. The company were previously involved in the cutting of the Angel of the North

Malcolm, from Stokesley, is married to Julia and has two children, Callum and Ferne. In his spare time he travels up and down the country in his Sporthome as Callum competes in national motocross competitions. As well as cars he loves walking his three dogs, Izzy, Jacob and Daisy.


Childhood car crush
My dream car as a young teenager was a Mercedes Benz 350SL convertible. They were always shown in the television shows as the “cool car” and I wanted one. The dream was to drive across America with the roof down, into the sunset! However at 17, the reality was a ten-year-old Austin Allegro in maroon complete with vinyl roof and square steering wheel. The dream would have to wait for now.

What’s in the garage now
A volcano orange McLaren MP4-12C 616hp. A fully loaded silver Ford Ranger pickup. A Mini Cooper. A Sporthome used for weekend motocross events with my son Callum.

The McLaren came about after a casual stop at a dealer in Harrogate. At the back of the showroom behind the Ferraris and Lamborghinis was this bright metallic orange supercar. It was the colour that caught my interest. I took it on a test drive and was blown away by the performance, 0-60 in 3 seconds, 0-100 in 6 seconds and even better, 124-0 in 5 seconds! It’s very controllable and comfortable so unlike any supercar I’ve ever driven before. When I got back from the test drive I bought it there and then, it had impressed me that much.

The Ranger is my daily drive and it’s the total opposite to the McLaren, but so easy to drive. It’s just a good go-anywhere vehicle.

If you could own any car
It would probably have to be a McLaren P1 closely followed by a Porsche 918.

Captain Slow or Jeremy
I would have to say driving the Ford Ranger and the Sporthome make me Captain Slow, but it’s way too easy to turn into Jeremy when I get in the McLaren.

Tracks of your tyres
My music taste is extremely varied. To me, it’s more about the tune rather than the artist! I’ve just recently discovered Spotify and all of the ready-made playlists; “Kitchen Swagger” is the current top choice followed by “Hipster House Party”.

Dream road trip
I’ve always wanted to do an American RV trip from New York to Miami, or the Route 66 trip across America in a convertible – one day it will happen.

Who with
It would definitely be with my family, so I could share with them the sights and experiences along the way.

Memorable car moments
There have been a few; getting my first car and the freedom it gave me was a fond memory, even though it was always breaking down. Getting my first hot hatch, a Golf GTi. And my most recent memorable moment was taking delivery of the McLaren and having to remind myself “it’s mine” as I drive along. I am still amazed how many people want to take pictures of it wherever I go.

What’s in the glove box
There is no glove box in the McLaren and not much storage at all really, which I suppose is a good thing, at least you can’t clutter it up with rubbish. The Ranger is kept bare too, but the Sporthome has everything in it – yes, including the kitchen sink!

How clean is your car
I clean them myself using good quality products. I can always rely on Christmas and birthdays as I usually get stocked up with bits and bobs as presents.

Scary moments
Going to Helmsley from Stokesley as a passenger in a Lotus Elise that had a supercharged Honda engine in it. The speeds that thing could go round the corners was unbelievable. I don’t think I have ever got to Helmsley as fast as I did that day. Even a guy on a superbike said he couldn’t get past it. All I’m saying is I’m glad the pub was open when we got there.

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