Stephen Rose


My fiancée Denise, my family and close friends.


For a weekend > New York City, such an exciting place to be at any time of the year. We took a helicopter ride on one of my, er, special birthdays. Highly recommended.

A long holiday > A cruise around the Med is something we like to do, seeing a new place every day keeps us both occupied. Monaco is notable for the posh cars and casinos with Portofino and the Amalfi coastline standouts for their sheer scenic beauty.


Best food > Has to be a home-cooked Sunday lunch; is there anything better than that? Not for me. It’s something
I had as a boy and continue to love as a man. And will probably still love as an old man… although that’s years away yet.

Best wine > I’m not a wine drinker per se, so I’ll cheekily exchange that question to ‘best hotel’: the Waldorf Astoria in NYC. So much history and heritage, plus, it’s a cool place to be. (I wouldn’t recommend their salad though, bit basic).

Favourite restaurant > The River Café overlooking the Manhattan skyline in NYC. The city is a recurring theme here isn’t it! The location and skyline vista complement some superb contemporary food.

Perfect weekend > Every weekend tends to be the perfect weekend because it’s time off work and a chance to relax. We’re ballroom dancers so are often out practising at weekends.

Best telly > Strictly Come Dancing, bit of an inspirational show to us. We’ve entered competitions ourselves and even won a few trophies which we tend to hide away centre-stage on our fireplace.

Best book > High Stakes (How I Blew 14 Million) by Nigel Goldman. I met the author, Nigel, whilst reading The Wolf of Wall Street on one of our Med cruises. He boasted he knew of a much better and far more exuberant book, his own! To be fair, it was a very good read for anyone interested in gambling with high-stakes money.

Best sounds > A group B Audi Quattro, racing through Dalby Forest in the 1982 RAC Rally, a frightening but brilliant sound that’s stayed with me and inspired me to take up rally driving myself.


Best shopping centre > 5th Avenue New York. I was going to write, ‘The Cleveland Centre’ in Middlesbrough but I think 5th Avenue just beats it for more variety.

Favourite shop > Every suit shop on Savile Row. I do like a sharp suit.

Luxe retail treat > A nice tie.

Best buy > Savile Row Chester Barrie chalk-stripe 3-piece suit, reduced from £1495 to £295! (I also like a bargain).


A memorable night out > See perfect party, below.

Perfect party > River Café New York and Broadway show for a big birthday.

Best outfit > You may have gathered I enjoy ballroom dancing, so my dancing tails of course.

Dinner date > My fiancée, Denise, and definitely not anyone glamorous from Hollywood.


Well, we all like to dream – and so: Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari 458. I’m not fussy, either will do!