Shake It Up


Trying to find a suitable hair care product amongst the thousands out there is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But this one is something of a diamond in the rough.

Milk_shake is an Italian salon professional hair care brand using vitamins, milk proteins and fruit extracts which is branching out into salons across the North East.

I tried out the products for myself. My dry and hungry highlighted hair needed feeding: it absolutely drinks conditioner, with no real reward of silky-soft hair, so a natural product packed with nourishing ingredients was what the hair doc ordered.   

The Milk_shake specialists applied an argan oil and whipped cream cocktail to my hair. The result was remarkable. I didn’t have to go into battle with my comb to get through my long locks, my colour lifted and it smelt good enough to eat. In fact, it’s that good, it is edible, but I didn’t!

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I looked like a born-again blonde with super soft locks! In order to get a result like this myself I would have had to continually treat my hair for weeks with a fairly expensive and possibly damaging high-street product. A straight, silky and sleek look that I would usually spend hours in front of the mirror with my straighteners to achieve was complete within minutes, with no heat damage and plenty of nourishment.

Milk_shake’s salon products include shampoos, conditioners, styling products, colours and milk masks. Some of the conditioning treatments such as the whipped cream leave-in conditioner can double-up as moisturiser for the body too. 

Salons across the North East are promoting their treatments as ‘product cocktails’. You will find a ‘Cocktail Menu’ at your salon chair and the pleasantly smelling cocktail of products will be prepared in front of you rather than out of sight, disguising those awful ammonia odours.

The Milk_shake direct colours are great because they are not permanent. They are a conditioning product, pushing moisture into the hair as well as colouring it. The colour can last between 6-12 weeks, allowing you to have a bit of fun and try out new dos without committing to anything permanent or damaging.

I’ve been using the products for just over a week now and I am totally hooked. It’s a valuable and natural thickening treatment resembling all the goodness of milkshakes and cocktails.