A healthy hang-out serving up vibrant, good-for-you grub

Pulp Fiction Future Food, Whitley Bay.

Hang out
A quirky, deli-style dining spot for healthy eaters, smoothie-drinkers and gym-goers who like their five-a-day. Something in between a cafe and a coffee shop, it’s a small, laid-back hang-out designed with clean eating and healthy living in mind. Pop in for a juice and a protein ball or two on-the-go, or take a seat and order some good-for-you-grub. Great for vegans.

Decked out
Bright and colourful – like its food. Lime green and turquoise panelled walls, a mustard-coloured sofa, a surf shack-style wooden bar and scuffed flooring. Mooch about the glossy counter and drool over its raw baked goods and inventive side and salad bowls.

Take your pick from a range of juices, smoothies, ‘health shots’ (try an ‘Aloe Vera’ – it’s nicer than you might think) and cool hot drinks – the warming ‘Super Food Hot Chocolate’ is great for those battling sweet cravings. We settled on a gloriously green ‘Glow Getter’ juice (an energising mix of cucumber, pineapple and apple) and a creamy ‘Tahini Cocoa Beanie’ smoothie, which blends nutty tahini, raw cocoa powder, banana, almond milk and date syrup.

Food matters
Kudos to the team, who make it their mission to create food that’s only good for your insides, but looks mouth-watering and tastes phenomenal too. Many dishes are products of their own foodie imaginations – fresh, good-looking creations packed with so much flavour and nutritious goodness, your brain will think you’re treating yourself. Healthy/veggie/vegan brekkies and brunchy plates are served all day long.

We ate
Look out for the special boards – you’ll find some cracking dishes on there. It was the battle of the veggie burgers this particular weekend – and our mushroom and bean number (£4.95) prevailed. Encased in a seedy bap was a large, well-seasoned patty that smushed together mung beans, woody mushrooms and tarragon for plenty of earthiness and potato-like stodginess. The zingy tahini, garlic and lemon dressing tasted better than any mayo you’re likely to find – light, creamy and lick-your-lips good. Two sides of crunchy rainbow slaw and broccoli smothered in garlic, lemon and tahini were gobbled up in minutes. Our dining buddy slurped their way through a comforting bowl of Moroccan tagine (£4.75) packed with slow-cooked veggies and wintery herbs and spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, to warm you up, and served with fluffy cous cous. A real crowd-pleaser. Desserts change almost daily, but this time it was a slab of raw ‘chocolate orange’ brownie, a peanut butter protein ball and a ‘clean’ chocolate crispy cake made with quinoa and ‘natural’ caramel that caught our eye. We know most health-nuts will tell you they can’t tell the difference between raw treats and the real stuff, but these honestly tasted just as good. The best, most indulgent sugar-free treats we’ve tried. Pick one up if you’re passing, or grab a mate and indulge in a few over coffee.


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