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Kick start a new skin regime with powerful ‘really-work’ products

_0000_lightfantastictallIt’s not often you’ll hear a beauty therapist tell you that you don’t need moisturiser.

We can already hear the gasps of horror from some quarters. It makes for an interesting conversation, a ‘that can’t be true’ kind of conversation. It might be the conversation to have with Leanne Swinney and Nicola Mark at Saks Beauty in Gosforth.

The pair lead the company’s treatment league tables for beauty therapists in the UK and are a refreshing pair to talk to about all things skincare.

It’s refreshing to know that they have been through it themselves. Both talk about having acne, scarring and real troubles with their skin. They will even bring out their ‘before and after’ pictures if you ask nicely.

This is one of the reasons they are a go-to for help with real skincare concerns, from teen acne to thread veins, excess oiliness and other imperfections.

At the heart of their approach is the devotion to a brand called Cosmedix. It’s perhaps a lesser-known brand, but one that relies on purity of ingredients, knowledge of the skin and how to re-balance it.

We’re all guilty of putting too much product on the skin. If it feels dry, we slather on more moisturiser, then that acts as a barrier to the skin’s natural oils coming to the surface and doing what they should be doing – moisturising.

It can be a cycle of damage which can be reversed by regulating the oil – hence the idea of not using moisturiser and letting the skin re-find its own level.

A tailor-made treatment plan will offer up a ‘dermal plan’ for the skin. It might start with a very deep exfoliation to ‘shed the dead’ and get the skin back to its natural state.

This might mean a couple of weeks of dryness as it rebuilds, but this is natural, say Leanne and Nicola.

It’s a point at which you can then kick-start the skin and get it behaving the way it wants to.

Though the Cosmedix range has a series of powerful serum and restorative products, the therapists do say that the ‘hero’ treatment is the Purity Clean exfoliating cleanser. This leaves skin refreshed without drying out and contains Lactic Acid with cooling peppermint.

The salon is geared up to offer tailor-made facials and remedial treatments and also recommends the Dermal light therapy treatment.

This is a 20-minute LED light machine which you lie under. The light stimulates the skin and can be good for regenerating the skin or treating problems such as spots and redness.

It works as a booster to the treatments and can be used as a one-off or a course of treatments combined with others.

Saks, High Street Gosforth | 0191 3400420 |

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